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Car air conditioning re-gassing in Walton-On-Thames

The majority of new cars now come fitted with air conditioning or climate control systems. Many people may not realise that checking, servicing, re-gassing and re-lubricating the car air conditioning system is not part of any standard service, even a major 2-year option.

Car air conditioning; it’s not just for the summer

20 years ago, air conditioning was ordinarily an optional extra on more prestige vehicles, now it is commonplace for a variety of reasons. Not only does a well-maintained air conditioning system allow for fast and efficient climate control in hot weather, an efficient air conditioning unit will also clear and de-mist the inside of a car far more efficiently than just a heating system. Air con provides very dry air, whereas a standalone heating system will not alter the humidity of the air coming into the cabin of your vehicle.

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Your air conditioning unit may be costing you money

A poorly maintained air conditioning system will have a negative effect on your fuel economy. The air conditioning system is powered by your engine, which can mean that if it is not running at maximum efficiency, it will have to work harder, burning more fuel in the process.

At Surrey MOT & Service Centre, we offer a complete service option for your air conditioning unit. This consists of removing the old refrigerant gas and lubricant from the system, before refilling it with new refrigerant gas and oil as required.

As part of a full car air conditioning service, we also undertake a vacuum test, in order to ensure there are no notable leaks in the system. Leaks can impact the efficiency of the air con and eventually mean the system may run out of gas altogether, leaving you without the ability to cool down in summer or de-mist the inside of your vehicle during cold or wet weather.

As part of our air conditioning service, we can also provide an antibacterial clean for your air conditioning system. This will increase the efficiency of the system overall, as well as eliminate any unpleasant odours. These can often arise as a result of a system that has not been regularly maintained, a vehicle that has been sat idle for some time, or if the air conditioning has only been used on a very intermittent basis.

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Surrey MOT & Service Centre can assist with all of your air conditioning servicing and re-gassing requirements. These services can now all be booked online, making it easier than ever to find an appointment time that suits you. Ordinarily, a service and re-gas of your unit should take around 1 hour to complete.

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