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New tyres, part worn tyres, wheel balancing and 4-wheel laser alignment

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When it comes to your vehicle’s only contact with the road, Surrey MOT & Service Centre have it covered. We offer a large range of new and part worn tyres, keeping you safe and road legal, no matter what your budget.

Puncture repairs

We also offer a puncture repair service, meaning that if we can fix your existing tyre, we will. There are certain rules and safety guidelines when it comes to puncture repair; the offending damage must not be located on, or within a certain distance of the tyre wall, for example. The most frequent repairs we carry out are where an item such as a nail or screw has pierced through the tread of the tyre; in this instance, we are usually able to plug the hole effectively, getting you back on the road in no time, and at a fraction of the cost of a replacement tyre.

New tyres

We stock a range of new tyres, from budget options, all the way up to premium tyres for your pride and joy. If you know your vehicle’s due for new tyres, you can book an appointment online. Our booking tool is available 24/7 and our garage is open Monday to Saturday, so you can have your new tyres fitted at a time that’s convenient for you.

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Part worn tyres

Perhaps you’ve got a puncture on the wrong side of payday, or simply don’t want to be spending a fortune keeping an old run around safe, legal and on the road.

Unlike many garages, we also offer part worn tyres. All our part worn tyres are tested in order to ensure they are safe, damage free and road legal. They offer incredibly good value for money, often around half the price of their brand new equivalents.

Wheel balancing and 4-wheel laser alignment

We offer a wheel balancing service when fitting new and part worn tyres, ensuring your vehicle runs smoothly. Unbalanced wheels can lead to uncomfortable vibrations whilst driving; long term they can even cause damage to the suspension and steering components of your vehicle. An unbalanced wheel will often mean that your tyre will wear unevenly, wearing out faster and requiring replacement at much lower mileage.

Potholes, speed bumps, even knocking into a kerb whilst parking can all adversely affect the alignment of your wheels. Our 4-wheel laser alignment will allow us to adjust your vehicle’s wheels back to the manufacturers recommended alignment settings. This can often improve fuel economy, handling, ride comfort and reduce tyre wear

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No matter what your requirements, whether you simply need a puncture repaired, a single part worn tyre fitted and balanced, or an entire set of new premium tyres fitted, balanced and aligned, at Surrey MOT & Service Centre, we deliver quality parts, service and workmanship at exceptionally good prices. Book online now, for a time that fits in with you.

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